Two Tips for Budget-Conscious People Who Want To Buy New Boats

If you'd prefer a brand-new boat to a secondhand one, but are somewhat budget-conscious, here are some tips you should follow. 

Keep an eye out for new boat sales

If you'd like to avoid paying the full retail price for a new boat, you should keep an eye out for new boat sales that are being run online and in your local motorsports shops. Because new boats tend to be expensive, finding a boat for sale at even a relatively modest discount of, for example, five per cent off the retail price is still likely to amount to a substantial saving. If you are determined to find a boat in the sales, then you'll need to decide in advance what features you consider to be non-negotiables (such as a certain speed it needs to be able to travel at, a good-sized galley, etc.).

Knowing exactly what features the boat must have before you check out any new boat sales, will help you to avoid making a rash decision and buying a boat that, for example, doesn't have all of the features you need, just because it's been heavily discounted. This is important, due to how much of a financial investment a new boat is. It will also help you to avoid wasting your time keeping tabs on, for example, the sales being run by motorsport companies who don't stock boats with the type of features you want.

Consider buying a boat with a relative or friend

Another way to make buying a new boat more affordable is to split the cost with a friend or relative who shares your love of boating. This is much easier than sharing, for example, a car, as neither of you is likely to need to use the boat multiple times a week and so sharing it should be straightforward. If you can find someone you trust who would like to do this with you, you should ensure that you both agree on the type of boat you'd like to buy and the maximum amount you're both willing to spend on it.

It's important to have this discussion prior to looking at any boat sales so that you can then take advantage of whatever short-term discount is available on a suitable boat, without having to get in touch with the other person first, because if, for instance, they're busy at their job or are just hard to track down, the sale might end before you have a chance to get the go-ahead from them to proceed with buying the boat.

Contact a boat dealer and inquire about their new boat sales to learn more.