Top Tips When Buying a Thruster

Bow and stern thrusters are designed to improve the manoeuvrability of your boat. They are essential pieces of equipment for people that dock their boats in high-traffic areas. With a thruster system, you can easily make a 360-degree turn at low speeds. The excerpt below discusses the various considerations you should make when purchasing bow and stern thrusters for your boat. 

Consider Reputable Manufacturers

Conduct some internet research on boat blogs and forums to determine the best thrusters for your boat. Check the durability of the thruster, its efficiency and problems it might develop. Go for high-quality equipment that will last a lifetime. 

New Versus Used

People on a low budget may opt to purchase used thrusters from grounded boats. Thoroughly inspect the equipment before purchase. For instance, a propeller with too much play may have a damaged shaft. On the other hand, cracks could significantly affect the functionality of the thruster. 

Types of Thruster Systems

Below are the various kinds of thrusters in the market today: 

1. Tunnel Thrusters

These thrusters are fitted in a tunnel drilled below the bow or stern waterline. They are the most common type of thrusters in the market today. The tunnel has to be of equal diameter on both sides. Otherwise, the system will experience cavitation, which reduces the effectiveness of the thruster. 

2. External Thrusters

External thrusters are an ideal solution for boats that do not have adequate space to fit a tunnel thruster. The equipment is attached underneath the boat's bow or stern. Some external thrusters may have two propellers to improve their performance. A significant drawback of these thrusters is that they create a bit of drag. 

3. Retractable Thruster

These are thrusters that retract back into the hull when not in use. The primary advantage of these thrusters is that they are less prone to damage since they rarely come into contact with foreign objects. Additionally, your boat will not suffer drag if you use this system. 

Other considerations to make include: 

  • The equipment should have a high-voltage motor that generates efficient thrust; this improves manoeuvrability in rough waters or high winds.
  • Thrusters with a proportional variable-speed control have easier handling and consume less power.
  • Some thrusters have a remote control that makes it easy for you to control the equipment from any part of the boat.
  • Check the price of the thruster and the installation costs, and make sure that the thrusters are installed by experienced boat mechanics. 

Stern and bow thrusters will improve the manoeuvrability of your boat and help reduce collisions as you dock. Consider quality equipment and ask an experienced mechanic to install the system. Contact a company that sells products like Vetus thrusters to learn more.