Top Tip When Buying Used Jet Skis

Buying a jet ski can be a daunting task. Most buyers do not know how to inspect the jet ski or interview the owner. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to buy a used jet ski.   


Conduct some research to determine the durability of various jet ski models. Some of your concerns should include: 

  • What problems is the jet ski likely to develop? Some jet skis may need a fuel pump or crack shaft repairs after a specific number of hours.
  • What are the maintenance costs? You may want to avoid jet skis whose spare parts and mechanics are not locally available.
  • Marketability. Reputable manufacturers produce quality watercraft that are easy to sell. 

Inspecting the Jet Ski

The engine should start with ease. If the jet ski has trouble starting, you could be dealing with a dead battery, ignition problems or a clogged fuel filter. A leaking engine indicates damaged oil seals. These leaks may also damage the gaskets. A worn-out jet pump could cause the engine to vibrate when idle. 

Inspect the jet ski's body and frame for signs of dents, cracks and rust. Filler and uneven body lines are a sign of accident damage. The jet ski's controls should be fully functional. If the jet ski's seat is too heavy, the watercraft may have been sunk or left in rainy weather. 

Records and Winterisation Procedure 

Ask the owner to provide the jet ski's service records. Do not purchase the jet ski if the owner did not observe the service schedule. Further, the records should indicate when he or she changed major parts such as the spark plugs, fuel pump and oil seals. Inquire about his or her winterisation procedure. Failure to drain the water could expose the cooling system to rust. On the other hand, the fuel tank and fuel lines could be clogged if he or she did not fill the tank and use a fuel stabiliser.  

Water Testing

A water test is an opportunity to examine the jet ski's performance. Check the throttle response and engine for strange sounds. The jet ski should maintain a safe RPM at full throttle. The steering, speedometer, gauges and warning lights should be fully functional. 

The jet ski's registration documents should be genuine. Besides, ask the owner to give you the watercraft's manual. If you opt to purchase the watercraft online, ask the owner to send you an inspection report from a reputable garage.  

When buying a used jet ski, ascertain its durability, inspect the jet ski, check service records and winterisation procedure and take the watercraft for a water test.